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Netsuite Cloud ERP - Act to Reap Benefits Tomorrow

Netsuite Cloud ERP - Act to Reap Benefits Tomorrow

As the market rebounds after a prolonged recession, SME's are poised for a significant jump in revenues and growth. Many analysts predict that this jump in growth and revenue will exceed that of big companies. However, much of this growth will depend on how soon SME's are able to adapt to latest trends in ERP technology.

Cloud ERP Challenges And Market Reality

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is more than a transactional system of records upon which a business is based; it is potential source of cost savings and organizational efficiency.

The adoption of ERP technology is very low in the SME and SMB segment. There is a belief that investing in an ERP application is unnecessary if the business is dealing with a limited number of transactions and manageable volumes of data every day.

Small and Medium scale businesses use spreadsheets, home grown applications, desktop applications that lack the functionality of ERP applications or level of integration. This leads to business inefficiencies and a ragtag organization.

The seed of growth has to be planted now to reap the future benefits. Small businesses have to be forward looking.

Some of the factors coming in the way of broader ERP implementations are given below:

  • We are too small - We don't need ERP because we have limited data requirements.
  • Cost - We don't have the resources to implement full scale ERP integration.
  • Existing systems - Our existing systems work fine. We have been able to function effectively in the past using spreadsheets/desktop applications/home grown applications.  Why fix it if it ain't broke?
  • Too Complicated - We can't afford to spare our staff for training on them on the new system. We don't have the resources for staffing more IT personnel for server maintenance.

Cloud ERP Benefits

Internal effort to implement and various out-of-the-pocket cost outlays are major deterrents for small businesses. Is your productivity and efficiency taking a leak due to your reluctance to implement ERP? ERP provides the tools for running, monitoring and managing your system. Moreover, cost is no longer a barrier for small businesses because the next generation of ERP runs on cloud.

Irrespective of the size or volume of your business you can benefit a lot from Cloud ERP. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity;
  • Standardized business processes;
  • Optimizes capacity;
  • Flow of real time information spanning functions and departments;
  • Cost cutting;

Netsuite Cloud ERP Implemention

Inspirria Cloudtech understands your business requirements and provides best in class Netsuite consulting service for your company. With over 250 implementations and 99% customer retention we are fast becoming a reliable name in Netsuite implementation.

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