Customer Service Management

Extend Excellence in Customer Experience with ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Service teams are under immense pressure of providing engaging customer experience amidst growing volume of service calls as unresponsiveness of the contact centre results in customer attrition impacting business revenues. The main cause for rise in volume of service requests goes unidentified due to lack of insights and cross collaborative approach within the company.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) addresses the problems effectively by providing omni- channel engagement solutions resulting in low cost service delivery and high customer satisfaction. Backed up by intelligent algorithms, it routes the call to the best placed agent to handle the case. Providing a knowledge base accessible to the entire organization, it engages a wider team, drawing on expertise from other employees for root cause analysis of raised issues.

With real-time operational health capability, agents can proactively diffuse problematic situations even before they arise. CSM analytics lends insight into service patterns and trends driving permanent solutions for commonly occurring problems.

Customer Service Management Infographic

Solution Benefits

  • Omni-channel customer engagement: Contact center agents can outreach to their customers on any channel and any device of their choice
  • Integrated knowledge base: Online access to self-service options and communities make query resolution easier for customers.
  • Leverage Internet of Things: Issues with connected devices can be identified before they occur
  • Powerful analytics: Dashboards help you visualize trends and respond appropriately.

What Sets Inspirria Apart

With more than 14 years of experience in cloud technologies and over 500 clients around the world, we have collaborated with innumerable global companies across industry verticals. Inspirria’s rich industry experience, coupled with its cloud-based strategic service offerings, has helped businesses drive operational excellence and improve ROI. Through our data-driven strategic cloud assessments, companies are able to gain better business value.

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