IT Service Management

Improve Service Quality with ServiceNow IT Service Management

IT organizations within companies function as separate entities and do not always align and partner with the business functions. Lacking visibility into operations aspect, IT teams are focused on maintaining the systems that underlie business processes. Strategic partnership between business and IT is missing because of the strain on existing human and financial resources and most businesses do not want to increase budgets on IT projects.

The ServiceNow solution offers an ITSM package that sheds light on real-time data, allowing monitoring and taking control of costs and enabling speed. All of which are requirements for a partnership between business and IT. Expected business outcomes can be achieved with the right implementation of ITSM solution.

A vast array of applications support ITSM including Incident, Problem, Knowledge, Configuration Request, Asset, Cost, Change and Release management including benchmarks that optimize ITSM performance to industry averages. A single cloud-based platform achieves end-to-end consolidation of fragmented tools and automating the service management process. A scalable solution, it is easy to configure and deploy to meet your ITSM objectives. Organizations can choose from Foundation, Transform and Innovate Services that meets the company’s requirement and maturity of IT solutions.

IT Service management infographic

Solution Benefits

  • Single platform: Consolidation of processes on a single platform ensures better control and trusted configuration data aligned to incidents and changes
  • Automation of processes: Automating most of the basic and common processes, it provides self-service capabilities to resolve issues
  • Event management: Problem reporting is extended by use of alerts on events, integrating IT services and drives incident automation

What Sets Inspirria Apart

With more than 14 years of experience in cloud technologies and over 500 clients around the world, we have collaborated with innumerable global companies across industry verticals. Inspirria’s rich industry experience, coupled with its cloud-based strategic service offerings, has helped businesses drive operational excellence and improve ROI. Through our data-driven strategic cloud assessments, companies are able to gain better business value.

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