Security Operations

ServiceNow Security Operations Safeguard Critical Business Processes

IT teams within organizations face the constant threat of external attacks on critical business processes and strive hard to secure their IT infrastructure. The problem is magnified when alerts from various disintegrated solutions pile up rapidly, leaving the security team to guess which ones pose the greatest threat to the company. Lack of business context and collaboration among teams could be potentially harmful since response in such situations is neither swift nor efficient.

IT Service management infographic

To create capabilities to respond to these security vulnerabilities, many companies face the challenge of baselining the necessary security metrics which weakens the infrastructure and affects response time. Organizations that find themselves in a breached situation with its security compromised, grapples with great losses to its business operations.

ServiceNow Security Operations fills the gap that has most organizations concerned with its superior security solution. It helps companies organize and respond with greater speed and efficiency to threats. It bridges the divide between security and IT with visibility to data from leading vendors and automation of threat neutralizing capabilities. Pre-defined workflows reduce business risk, leveraging the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to map security vulnerabilities to business services and IT systems. Business process and system mapping prioritizes threats based on business impact, securing critical business services.

Highlighting dependencies between IT systems and business processes, it provides visibility to the entire organization and minimizes downtime. Advanced workflows and built-in SLAs enables collaboration while ensures sensitive security data remains confidential.

Solution Benefits

  • Drive accountability and SLAs: Aligning teams for better work hand offs help teams understand business impact for appropriate resolution.
  • Efficient security response: Automation of basic tasks reduces manual intervention allowing teams to focus on remedial actions for issues.
  • Security dashboard: Visual representation of health of business processes drives team performance and root cause analysis of issues.

What Sets Inspirria Apart

With more than 14 years of experience in cloud technologies and over 500 clients around the world, we have collaborated with innumerable global companies across industry verticals. Inspirria’s rich industry experience, coupled with its cloud-based strategic service offerings, has helped businesses drive operational excellence and improve ROI. Through our data-driven strategic cloud assessments, companies are able to gain better business value.

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