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What Is Netsuite - Product Reviews for ERP CRM+ Ecommerce and OneWorld

What is Netsuite?

What Is Netsuite - Product Reviews for ERP  CRM+  Ecommerce  and OneWorld

Netsuite provides a full complement of front end, back end and ecommerce functionalities available on SaaS based infrastructure, providing small and medium sized businesses with accurate and up-to-date information needed for on the fly decision making in the dynamic market conditions of today.

Delivered as a web service, Netsuite enables businesses, big or small, to manage and share their data from a single system. Delivered via the internet, Netsuite combines accounting/ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management, Incentive Management in single powerful platform for businesses big or small.

There is no hardware to procure, no costly installations, no lock-in contract, no costly upfront investments and no maintenance worries allowing businesses to operate on the fly and benefit from -

  • Scalable and streamlined operations leading to greater productivity;
  • Data availability on demand without any constraints regarding time or place;
  • Single system for managing contact to contract to sales to customer service process;
  • Savings in IT costs and time and company resources

Netsuite Product Review


  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Ecommerce

With Netsuite you will spend less time consolidating data and more time on analyzing and forecasting. This is because Netsuite provides a single repository of data for disparate department spread across different geographical locations, helping them in business forecasting on the fly from any location in the world.

It is the only application that brings together company financials, customer service, inventory management and employee management on a single platform.

Netsuite One World

Businesses with operations spread over multiple locations, countries, legal entities, and jurisdictions have trouble consolidating their accounts because of myriad tax laws, currency laws applicable to their business.

Netsuite OneWorld consolidates multiple business concerns separated by geographical boundaries and multiple time zones providing business managers with real time information on which to run their operations.

With financial and operational dashboards managers can drill down from general to the specifics of running multi location operation.

Netsuite CRM +

Netsuite CRM + takes care of your customers from contact to contract to sale to cash to customer service. It provides the entire gamut of services needed for fulfilling your obligations to your customer.

It is the only application with an integrated order management – meaning you can track raise new orders, track orders, chalk sales projections into the future and manage employee incentive programs - all from a single integrated system.

Moreover, Netsuite CRM + is fully integrated with your warehousing and inventory management reducing frustrations of dealing with back orders and delays.

Netsuite CRM + is a complete 360 degree customer oriented business solution which is a must have for any business looking for making its mark in the business community.

Netsuite Openair

Delivered via internet, Netsuite Openair manages multiple projects at one go making it the mainstay for project oriented businesses. Besides providing a bird eye's view on projects running concurrently, Netsuite Openair provides powerful project management, resource management and efficiency tools required in today's business environment.

Netsuite Pricing

For more details please click here.

Cloud ERP System - The NetSuite way

Once a business kicks into a high growth phase there is a need to smarten up processes and protocols to derive advantage from any scale they may have built. While it is easy to find piecemeal solutions for inventory management, financial management, or even CRM, integrating them into business back end software and systems is not that easy.

You can spend a lifetime in frustration without approaching anywhere near the efficiency in processes and systems you desired for your business. That is why businesses need a complete360 degree solution spanning critical functional areas of managing a business, i.e. finance, billing, inventory management and procurement management.

What is Netsuite Cloud ERP?

Netsuite provides a 360 degree, ERP solution on a browser, that encompasses finance, accounting, billing, and CRM functionality in one cloud based integrated system. With Netsuite, the headache related to server maintenance, software and hardware upgrades, and db management vanishes completely, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies, and, leaving non core activities to domain experts.

Helps Business go mobile

Netsuite Cloud ERP System allows businesses go mobile, allowing their workforce to work from any location, which is the growing trend these days. It improves the quality of field decision making by providing real time access to information. A sales executive can login in from anywhere, to enter daily sales data, which not only fulfills their reporting requirements, but at the same time, provides all the necessary information needed by businesses for understanding customer demand at the end of the day.

Does not undermine data security

Unlike popular perception, threat to data security is considerably less in a SaaS environment. Small or even medium scale businesses are handicapped when it comes to on premise data security as they do not have the data security expertise of SaaS providers. NetSuite Cloud ERP uses the latest encryption techniques, powerful firewalls and round the clock physical security at their data centers to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Migrate or Perish

As with most cutting edge technologies, NetSuite Cloud ERP is fast changing the competitive landscape of software systems, making it important for business owners to keep up with the changes in the systems to guaranteed continued operations. For most businesses it is just a question of migrate or perish.

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